Having to make a living off of everything from selling cocaine
to working a 9 to 5 for years, he decided to walk in to Dope-
house Records for a chance.
After sitting in the corner watching numerous artists including the label’s franchise player “SPM” for months, he took a shot. “The experience was a humbling one” he says after his first attempt at recording lyrics for a song he had written. “It was the ugliest feeling in the world, to want something that bad and I sounded like shit.” A year later he was one half of the duo Twin Beredaz. Their self titled debut album is widely respected and has earned them a loyal fanbase, which has TBZ 2: Coast & Quota as one of the most anticipated albums of 2006, it will definitely be a favorite for hip hop fans. He is currently working on a series of mixtapes,“Key 2 the City” Which is now available. “I’ll prolly call the 2nd one; Throw away th key.” “I’m gone open up the door,then I’ll lock it down” he promises. “It’s either this music, or I’m gone get killed, they gone lock me up for twenty or thirty years this time, that aint going down!” It was all a dream, it seems to him it already came true.  

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